I started a new project of Learning Curves along Magra River. It is one of the central element of the story of the Lunigiana. The Magra becomes the place in which to explore the relationship between geography, history, inhabitants and the transformation of urban and landscape.


The Magra river becomes the place of contact between two points: the natural landscape, and the artificial landscape, the result of the effects of production, of social, cultural and environmental heritage in the territory of Lunigiana. The river is the central element of the transformation, a concrete landscape system, an entity in equilibrium in which all the natural and artificial elements can be variously connected.
I will explore the area along the river Magra on different geographical scales. On the one hand, interdisciplinary exploration led him to discover the paths along the river with the use of various media such as field recordings, photographs and videos; on the other hand, exploration was carried out on a human scale: through two workshops for children and adults made in Arcola, characterized by the exchange between the participants and the artist, times when ideas have emerged and points of view on the history of the Magra and its current status .


July 21th-24th

July 22th
Salone Gramsci c/o complesso scolastico Romito, Arcola

Nella mia città – workshop of architecture and construction for children
4pm – 5.30pm

Geografie Invisibili – workshop and visual arts collective creation for adults
6pm – 8pm

July 25th 10pm
Scalinata Fillia – La Spezia

Learning Curves/Magra is hosted by Castello InMovimento and part of Lo spazio Inventato. In collaboration with Comune di Arcola

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