Italian Landscape Practices
exhibition by Alessandro Carboni













25th February – 08th March 2013 

School of Architecture, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Passing from italian remotes countryside to Hong Kong city can create dislocation and estrangement in the traveller-type of the XXI century. But it can also be important to outline guidelines of an alternative working method to land, for example, a new treaty of geography, to identify similarities unusual and unforeseen tensions and friction that can arise only with comparison of reality of antipodes. Italian Landscape Practice is collection of pictures, videos and text by Alessandro Carboni. The artist has been exploring the asthonish Italian landscape around three different regions: Abruzzo, Valle d’Aosta and Sardinia. In each of them the artist has been developing interdisciplinary landart projects focused on particular aspects of cultural heritage from environment to people, from agriculture to architecture etc.

Opening – 25th February, 6pm

Conference – 2nd March, 10am
“From Space to Place: landscape and art practice”
Alessandro Carboni meet local people, artists, architects and researcher from Hong Kong.

Project by: Alessandro Carboni
Production: Formati Sensibili – art&science mashups
With the support of the Italian Cultural Institute and the Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong. In collaboration with Formati Sensibili and the School of Architecture of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

The project has been supported by:
Lucia Giardino and Federico Bacci, GAP- GuilmiArtProject
Comune di Guilmi, (CH)
Riccardo Mantelli, Aosta
Margherita Zanardi, Cagliari
LaDU – Laboratorio densità Urbana, Cagliari
Dipartimento Architettura e Ingegneria, Università di Cagliari
Wallace Chang, School of Architecture, Hong Kong

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