On the occasion of 13th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition, I will perform at the opening ceremony with Learning Curves-Kaitak River Hong Kong. I will recounts the journey and the experiences of my research along Kaitak River, Hong Kong. The local urban spaces disappearing, which overlap Nga Tsin Wai Village, San Po Kong and To Kwa Wan, are the elements of a mental geography reconstruction of places, perceptions, fragments, bodies, urban transformation and tensions that animate social change. The river is recreated in a miniature in which a table became a map of a human and urban landscape. Learning Curve is a further stage of Overlapping Discrete Boundaries that explores and redefines, in a multidisciplinary way, key places in transformation and territories spread around the globe.

Inter Cities / Intra Cities: Ghostwriting the Future
The Hong Kong Institute of Architects e Hong Kong Arts Development Council.
Opening ceremony and Forum: 27 august 2012 4.30pm
Guest of Honour: Ms Mary Chow Shuk Ching, JP, Special representative for HK Econ&Trade Affairs to the European Union, Brussels Eto.
Live Performance: Alessandro Carboni
Gala Dinner: 27 august 7.30pm.Taverna La Fenice, Sestiere San Marco, 1939, Venice.
Opening Forum “Diversity and Compatibility”: 28 august 2012 11am, Hong Kong Exhibition.
Speaker: Sir Peter Cook, CRAB

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