Always Becoming – Case study#2 Hong Kong.

From tomorrow until the end of April, I will work on my new project  I will lead a collaborative research platform with performers and researchers to test and apply Em:toolkit – urban mapping tool for performance practice. The project is developed within a collaborative platform, in which researchers and performers, share research materials, ideas work around practices of mapping, cartography and performance with the goal to create mappings and performances between theory and practice. The project is part of FUSE:: artist-in-residence program @ Videotage – in collaboration with School of Creative Media, Hong Kong – April 2015 – stay tuned!


Extreme Environment Project: Vietnam-Tu Lan Caves Expedition

In few days I will fly to Vietnam. For a week, I will be part of Extreme Environment Project: Vietnam Tu Lan Caves Expedition. We will bring a small group of student from School of Creative Media to explore and collect data of the most spectacular nature of jungle, caves, waterfalls and dark tunnels in Vietnam. Along 35 km journey, I will apply em:toolkit -mapping tool for performance –  to extract environmental data using embodiment performance practices, underwater field-recording, and GPS tracking. The project is presented by School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. Stay tuned!


em:toolkit – urban mapping and performance practice tool – Case Study#1 Aarhus!

em:toolkit – urban mapping and performance practice tool – Case Study#1 in Aarhus! As part of the ongoing my PhD research project ‘Performing Urban Complexity’, in November 2014, I conducted a workshop with 10 participants in Aarhus, Denmark. The workshop has been conducted as a collaborative platform in which participants have contributed actively both in theory and practice to the general discussion, feedback and development of the toolkit. The workshop took place at Kunsthal., with the support of Participatory IT/Department of Aesthetic of Communication at the University of Aarhus. The results of the workshop, were presented in form of talk and performance at the Media Architecture Biennale in Aarhus at the end of November. More info on my PhD’s blog:

keep moving!

It is morning somewhere! After almost two weeks in Hong Kong, I am heading back to Aarhus. During the next weeks, I will be focus on em:toolkit workshop and the performance+lecture at Media Biennale of Architecture in Aarhus. Stay Tuned!


Cartography as data embodiment process @ Datafied research conference/workshop, Hong Kong

As part of my Phd research, from today, I will be part of Datafied research conference/workshop at City University of Hong Kong, 17-22 October 2014. The workshop organized by Aarhus University, City University of Hong Kong and transmediale, Berlin.

I will present a short paper Cartography as data embodiment process, in which i will introduce some the latest version of em:toolkit.



drops&folds soundtrack @ Independents5, ArtVerona

Finally Drops & Folds is out! The project was presented by Ramdom at ArtVerona Fiera d’Arte ‪#‎independents5‬. Drops&Folds is an immersive soundwork entirely created and reworked from the field-recording collected along the coast from Santa Maria di Leuca and Gagliano del Capo. The work explores the underwater soundscapes of the sea, caves, and cliffs and situated along the coast. Drops and Folds is part of remapping extreme land# and produced by Ramdom, Progetto GAP. Gagliano del capo, 2014 soundtrack composed by Alessandro Carboni. More details on Remapping Extreme Land Project’s website