Back in Aarhus!

As part of my ongoing Phd research project, Performing Urban Complexity, during my visiting research at PIT University of Aarhus, I will explored the potentiality and performativity of body as tool for read, map and translate urban complexity. In the following weeks, I will established a collaborative research platform in which he will collaborate with researchers, practitioners to developed EM_toolkit, a new methodological toolkit for urban mapping and performance. The toolkit is able to accumulate-assemble-reassemble data from and with the city and translates that data into performance. Informed by Action Research strategies, Em_toolkit will implies a sequence of steps and processes built on ethnographic data collection, field work practices, network analysis and performance.

As if we were dust @ festival danza urbana, Bologna

I am in Bologna working on the new production as we were dust. I am exploring the history of Bologna and its relationship with the river Reno. In particular, I focus my work on the red brick, Bologna’s building element of identity, and a symbol of his historic and industrial heritage.As part of the Festival Danza Urbana, I will present the performance on 7th September along the canal Navile and at the Museo del Patrimonio Industriale in Bologna.

Research and performance: Alessandro Carboni
with the participation of the group Phren
assistant project: Chiara Castaldini
production secretary: Cristina Gervasi
in collaboration with: Centro Mousikè, Studio RP, Museo del Patrimonio Industriale, Roveri Costruzioni s.r.l


Em_toolkit – Workshop
30-31 August
Spazio Mousikè, Bologna

Geografie immateriali
Dialogue between Alessandro Carboni, Leonardo Delogu, Franco Farinelli. Curated by Annalisa Metta
5th September ore 16:30
Piazzetta Marco Biagi, Bologna

As if we were dust
7th September
from 5:30pm to 7:00pm
Giardino Marinai d’Italia – via Yuri Gagarin, Bologna
(free entry)

6:30pm and 7:30pm
Museo del Patrimonio Industriale – via della Beverara 123, Bologna

EM_method# workshop on explorative practices and urban mapping @ Gagliano del Capo (Lecce)

Today teaching EM_method# workshop on explorative practices and urban mapping @ Gagliano del Capo (Lecce). Finisterrae -L’arte nelle terre estreme, Progetto GAP/ Ramdom. Theoretical and practical classes involving participants in analysis of research strategies and mapping, exploration of the territory, making perceptive maps and collection of materials up to the creation of a project proposal.