Em_method @ Department of Architecture – SCU, Taipei

Em_method – urban complexity, narratives and mapping practices along Keelung River. workshop by Alessandro Carboni
from 31/03 to 3/04, Department of Architecture – SCU, Taipei -http://www.arch.usc.edu.tw/
taipei_aerial copy

Four days fulltime workshop focus on Keelung River as point of intersection point between natural and artificial landscape. In particular, it will look at the effects of production activity, social, cultural and environmental life in the various neighbourhoods and areas along Keelung River. It will be understood as the central element of transformation, a tangible landscape system, the central element in balance where all natural and artificial elements can be variably connected.

Learning Curves/ Lizhiwan Creek, Guangzhou – Research Process #1

Few days ago, I explored the area along Lizhiwan Creek in Guangzhou on different geographical scales. I discovered paths along the creek and I met and talked with local inhabitants from Pantang village. This time of exploration and sharing, allowed me to collect materials, experiences and stories about the canal network in Liwan district and Guangzhou. During the exploration of some ruined part of Pantang village, I collected old bricks in which they are used for the creation of miniature map of the territory. The entire project attempt to create a visual, geographical, historical and personal point of view of Lizhiwan Creek and its current status. At the beginning of December, I would present an installation and performance at Watersheds exhibition – Urban Border, Bi-City Hong Kong/Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture 2013.

more info: learningcurveslizhiwancreek.wordpress.com/